Glitch: New Flesh
47 Thames Street, Brooklyn


> Luciform [music] + empty_flash [viz]
> Niyah West [DJ] + Blueband Days [viz]
> Funselector [DJ] + alsoknownasrox [viz]
> Evilo [DJ] + Char Stiles [viz]
> Ecliptic [DJ] + Voyde [viz]
> DJ_Dave [DJ] + Sylvia Ke [viz]

Video Art:

> Lim Taewoong - Mercury/Earth/Venus/Moon
> Ru Kim + Samantha Blumenfeld - S.A.N.D.
> Kang USol - 단체플(group play) KD-230520-SM
> Koo Jiun - Being
> Roxanne Harris - Livecoding Performance
> Efrem Czajkowski - Endocast
> Andy Rolfes - Familairty
> Sylvia Ke - New Level Sequence
> Em Sieler - Create A Sexdoll (cas.fullEditMode)


> empty_flash - You, Sorted
> Em Sieler - YOUth TAKEOVER (My Room)
> Vampire Exec - A Batty-Stratoon Machine
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Live Coding w/ Sonic Pi - A workshop run by Roxanne Harris sharing techniques and logic structures for live coding with Sonic Pi. Some familiarity with coding and/or Sonic Pi preferred, but newcomers are welcome! Topics discussed will be led by participant interest (e.g. sample slicing versus parametric synth control). Donations will go towards paying the artists for the following event. Check out Roxanne’s work here: Download Sonic Pi [].


Visaural is a local artist-run audiovisual art space in Bushwick. We aim to foster a diverse and interdisciplinary environment for multimedia artist collaborations in music, visual and performance arts [].

Organizers: @alsoknownasrox / @dogxcollar

Videography: @rory_stevenson
Photography: @v10101a / @sandpills


alsoknownasrox [viz] is a New York-based audiovisual artist approaching programming as a medium for creative expression. She specializes in programming as performance, modifying real-time processes to create dynamic audiovisual experiences. She spends her time finding new ways to engage with the world, destructing and reconstructing existing structures as she goes.

Andy Rolfes [video] is a New York-based visual artist and director focusing their practice on how the dichotomy between escapism and voyeurism plays out in the spaces between tech and physicality. Using performative and interactive toolsets alongside traditional methods, they work extensively across industries to build stills, animations, performances and interactive experiences. As an artist, Andy has worked with Lady Gaga, Danny Elfman, MoMA, Adult Swim and many more.

Blueband Days [viz] is a creative visual outlet inspired by sonic waves and time. In short, I just like experimenting with video and listening to music.

Cameron Alexander [viz] is an artist, programmer, and scientist based in New York. His work explores the relationship between math and nature (especially in fractals, feedback, and nonlinear systems), altered and esoteric states of consciousness, and the essence of reality through generative art, livecode performances, and photography.

Char Stiles [viz] is an artist, educator and programmer based in Brooklyn, NY. She works creatively in the lower levels of computational systems to bring to light and make jokes about how computers work. Char works and collaborates across mediums such as interactive installation, video, performance and web. She is a part of the collective, where she organizes shows, and livecodes music and visuals. She co-founded Hex House, an artist studio warehouse and event space in East Williamsburg.

DJ_Dave [DJ] is an NYC-based experimental electronic-pop artist, DJ, and producer, who creates & performs her music using code – a style called algorave – and is one of the first to do so in a pop-sensible context. She is also the first to combine live coding and DJ mixing simultaneously in her shows. She gracefully dances across the newfound fluidity of the industry, balancing both the music and tech worlds in the palm of her hands, and bringing the concept of live coding to the masses.

Ecliptic [DJ] is a creative fusion of sonic/coding artists Dog Collar and Kid Reno.

evilo [DJ] is a new york based artist inspired by movement and freedom on the dance floor. In their sets, they love to blend boundless genres with a hypnotic hard dance basis, pushing the limits of sound and speed. they're representing their collective slot (sound love over tyranny).

Funselector [DJ] is a multimedia artist studying fashion design.

Luciform [music] makes music for haunted forests on pitch black nights. Taking elements from industrial, noise, dark ambient, techno, horror fiction, esotericism, and magical ritual, their sound has been described as "like being chased by a monster". They currently are based in the Bronx, NYC.

Niyah West [DJ] is a New York based dj born and raised in central New Jersey. She has had many hands in the music industry since the age of 19, all of which have influenced her sound as a DJ. Most of Niyah’s sets draw influences from her lifelong exposure to jersey house music and a recent exploration of techno. The evolution of her mixes and blends can be heard in real time as she explores her storytelling with sound oddities, vocal samples and rhythms to keep you on your feet.

Sylvia Ke [viz] is a multi-disciplinary artist, performer, poet(?), creative technologist, resident alien of the United States (legal, for now), and transexual degenerate living and aging in Brooklyn, NY. They have been exploring the regenerative usage of technologies through experimental audio-visual performances, generative art, interactive installations, web-based experiences, etc. In their thoughts and works, they contemplate how existing and emerging technologies create, transform, and redefine bodies, intimacy, myth, labor, and vice versa. Their hobby is to suck on the juicy, rubbery nails of pickled chicken feet and describe it to people in graphical detail.

voyde [viz] is a New Media Artist and Creative Technologist from New York. She uses Unreal Engine to recreate experiences and dreams doting on a combination of mysticism and technology. She has worked on interactive installations, AR and VR experiences, as an educator and more. She has also organized events, participated as a speaker and panelist, and is an active member in NYC’s creative community.

Em Sieler [video] is a new media and lens-based visual artist in New York, NY. They study Visual Arts and Computer Science at Columbia University and work as a freelance fashion photographer.

"I use the camera to claim ownership of my image in reaction to the violence of viewing and being viewed. I want to reclaim the portrayal of self in opposition to the bodies, stories, and emotions that are deemed acceptable enough to occupy physical and digital space. I use my body as a medium through performance and self-portraiture to resist the disembodiment of surveillance in the digital era. I participate in the performance of the self through social media and investigate the feedback response of digital spaces. I aim to interrogate the role of photography and image creation in the attention economy and the role of the self as social currency across digital landscapes."

Kang USol [video] 강우솔은 서일대학교 패션산업과를 전공했다. 이후 스스로를 성적 대상화하여 섹슈얼리티를 재현하며 젠더 퀴어 당사자성을 기반하여 정체성의 언어와 동시대 퀴어의 이야기를 자기 서사를 경유해 다양한 매체로 작업을 하고 있다.

참여한 단체전은 <씨비전: 한 사람의 생애>,빌라 해밀톤, 서울(2022); EXPO 2022>, 메가박스 성수, 서울(2022); <킬타임트래시_임시>, 웨스WESS, 서울 (2023); <메이플라이 26>, 신한닥트공사 2층, 서울 (2023);<밀면열림>, 인력시장, 서울(2023);<씨비전>, 안녕,예술가, 부산(2023); <(불)응하는 몸>, 스페이스 미라주, 서울 (2023) 가 있다.

2022년 서울 퀴어 문화 축제에서 눈살 찌푸림을 기준으로 과다 노출 금지라는조건부 허가에 대한 저항의<과다 노출> 퍼포먼스를 진행했다.

퀴어 정동의 궤적을 논하는 신생 공간 스페이스 미라주에서 관객 참여 BDSM 퍼 포먼스 <단체플>을 진행하였다.

성북공공예술사업에서 양승욱작가가 진행한 퀴어 zine에 <뽀르노-의상 패티쉬 있는 사람 찾아요.> 작품으로 참여하여 트위터에서 공유되는 퀴어 포르노를 작가의 신체를 활용해 재현한 작품을 보여주었다.

Koo Jiun [video] is experimenting with images that can explore various possibilities based on queer imagination on a flat surface. Among the contexts of the ritual tools of Mugyo (巫敎), a native shamanism in Korea. Among them, they present the image of androgynous gods Musindo(巫神圖), which embodies the god enshrined by the shaman. Based on the recognition of the failure to perform gender normality, they would like to explore the open possibilities of gender such as androgyny and hermaphrodite by blurring gender distinctions and boundaries.

Efrem Czajkowski [video] is a multi-disciplinary artist who works with photography, video, and sound. They explore deeply personal events through their work.

Lim Taewoong [video] 지난해 부터 나는 일렉트로닉 팝 듀오 ’청실홍실(Cheong-sil Hong-sil)’로 매달 싱글을 발매 했고 지난 5월 정규 앨범으로 작업을 마무리 했다.

이번 퍼포먼스는 ’청실홍실(Cheong-sil Hong-sil)’의 발매곡 중 ‘Sun’, ‘Mercury’, ‘Venus’를 남자도 여자도 아닌 존재로 노래한다.

‘Mercury’의 가사중 ‘춤에는 제한도 춤에는 중력도 없으니까’ 처럼 우리 삶이 춤과 음악이 넘치길 바란다.

Since last year, I have released a single every month with the electronic pop duo ‘Cheong-sil Hong-sil’ and finished work on a full-length album in May. In this performance, ‘Sun’, ‘Mercury’, and ‘Venus’ among the released songs of ‘Cheong-sil Hong-sil’ will be sung as being neither male nor female. As in the lyrics of ‘Mercury’, ‘Dancing without limit Dancing without gravity’, I hope our lives will overflow with dance and music.

Ru Kim [video] (b. 1995, Hamburg) is an artist leading a research-based studio practice that questions the use of art in resisting normalized and embodied sexist and racist violence generated by patriarchal, imperial and colonial ideologies of domination. Employing various media such as video, sound, performance, installation, and text, they seek to develop forms that challenge binaries and fixed identities. Moving through different languages and nourished by hydro-, Black, queer feminist theories, Ru Kim’s recent projects focus particularly on strategies of water as seen through a hydrofeminist lens, archives of queerness in Korean history, and archives revealing the "Asian" construction enacted by the Western gaze.
Ru Kim grew up in transit between Germany, Cyprus, Korea, Canada and Brazil, before moving to France to pursue their studies in art. They obtained a fine art bachelor and master’s degree with honors (DNSEP, félicitations du jury) at the École Supérieure d’Art et Design, Grenoble.

They currently live and work in Seoul.

루킴은 이론적 연구에 기반한 작업을 하는 작가이다. 작업에 나타나는 주된 흐름은, 식민제국주의적 지배 이데올로기에 의하여 일반화 되어버린 성차별적, 인종차별적인 폭력들을 어떻게 예술을 통해 저항할 수 있는지를 질문하는 것이다. 설치작업으로 이미지, 소리, 퍼포먼스를 사용하는 장치들을 만들고 다양한 매체를 통하여 이분법화 되고 고정된 정체성들에 이의를 제기한다. 어원에 관심을 가지며, hydro-, Black, 퀴어 페미니스트 이론 등이 밑바탕이 된다. 최근 작업으로는 특히 하이드로페미니스트 시선으로 본 물의 전략들, 한국의 역사적인 퀴어성을 보여주는 아카이브, 그리고 서양의 관점(western gaze)에 의하여 구성된 ‘Asia’를 볼 수 있는 아카이브에 집중해 왔다.

독일 함부르크에서 태어난 후 루킴은 키프로스, 대한민국, 캐나다, 브라질을 오가며 자란 후 프랑스 그르노블 고등예술대학교에서 학사와 석사를 받았다. 현재 그는 서울, 한국에서 활동중이다.

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