You, Sorted // @emptyflash_

You, Sorted is an interactive new media installation involving a camera and a projector.  A vibrant, pixel-sorted, and glitchy mirror image of the viewer is presented, with the code generating the image overlaid.

The mirror invites viewers to imagine how cyberspace represents them: data that needs sorting. By exposing the code, we envision an alternative to the opaque and dangerous algorithms of capitalism that govern our lives, a future of radical transparency and open source.

YOUth TAKEOVER (My Room) // @emsieler

8’ x 6’ x 3.5’. Acrylic, mirror, inkjet on paper, fabric, & transparency, UV ink on acrylic, silkscreen on mirror, Raspberry Pi with Camera Module, programming, monitor, rug, various objects from the artist’s collection

A Batty-Stratoon Machine // @vampirexec

The  trope of artificial life is so realistic that it is difficult to distinguish the "real"  from the android. Depictions underscore the question of what constitutes one's humanity and who is considered by society deserving of rights because of it.

This demo of a Batty-Stratton Machine is an artifact from the imagined reality where who is real and what constitutes humanity blurs. Except what you interact with here isn't imagined at all. This piece is a functional system operating in exactly the way described and uses AI technology commercially available today to make its determinations.

Given this: perhaps we should be more magnanimous with the unlimited resources we could have for compassion and humanity today.